Having trouble finding Mister Right?
Having trouble finding Mister Right?

Having trouble finding Mister Right?

Ever since the world was created, women have been facing the incredible challenge of finding Mr. Right.
Nowadays, a general consensus exist claiming it is a near impossible task. Well, like some famous rapper says: “difficult takes a day; impossible takes a week”. Yeah, that’s right Demoiselles et Madames, your Loveshop LilouPlaisir has the honour to introduce a reading which will help you conquer the unconquerable in one week. Are you up to the challenge?

Mr Right

Generally, women talk a lot about finding Mr. Right and those who are perceived to have found him are envied and bombarded with questions as to how she landed him. The problem with this Mr. Right theory is that it implies that women are automatically Ms. Rights. Unfortunately, this is not true. Being wonderful, free of drama and addictions, and innocent damsels are not qualities that are shared by all. It’s hard to admit it, but women are capable of doing just as many unloving things (i.e. lying, cheating, and not replacing the last beer in the fridge) as men are.

If you expect to find a man who is not a devil in disguise, be committed to behave like Mr. Right yourself. Make a conscious effort to treat others with respect. Decide to be open and honest with others; share and give of yourself, and decide to live up to the truthfulness and righteousness in which you believe. The closer you move toward becoming Mrs. Right the sooner you will attract Mr. Right because people of like minds, words, and deeds are drawn to one another.

Well, at least that’s what it said in the book that I read the other night.

A potential Mr. Right with his enormous…..

Now, let’s say you are ready to become Mrs. Right but have no idea what you ought to find that special someone. It’s simple! Just follow the following simple tips and mets-toi en valeur; the rest should be easy.

1. Do not develop hard-and-fast rules about how you plan to go about your search. Some women, for instance, have a policy against being introduced to single men. But you need to be flexible and willing to experiment with a variety of strategies, particularly if you find yourself in, well, a bit of a “quiet period”. Meeting a potential Mr. Right is probably possible only one out of every seven blind dates. So you may need to smile, nod your head, and chitchat with five or six “Mr. Wrongs” (remember: “impossible takes a week”). Moreover, you also need to be flexible about the places you go to meet guys. If you always go to the same bars or cafés or restaurants or fitness clubs or homes for the aged, you’re inevitably going to bump into the same losers gentlemen all the time.

2. Be proactive and methodical. Organisation and planning don’t seem like a magical approach to meeting the love of your life, but there will be plenty of time for magic once you’re dating. Do at least two very specific things every week to make your “quest” to find your knight in shining armour (I can’t believe that I just wrote that) that much easier. And when opportunities do present themselves, make things happen rather than just allowing events to unfold. For instance, if you see a man you find attractive and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to meet him, all you need to do is to build up your courage, walk up to him and say “hello”. Within 30 seconds you’re sure to know whether or not you’re on the right track. Or if you are actually talking to a priest.

3. If you are going to a party, bar or event, don’t travel in with a “pack” of women. Men naturally find groups of women intimidating. It’s hard for a man to walk up to a closed group of women and try to enter into the conversation. And besides, deep down we men all fear that the moment that we make a hasty withdrawal from the group, all the other women are going to laugh hysterically about a comment he made or even the pants he’s wearing. For all our macho behaviour; let’s not forget that we males have fragile egos. And deep down we’re still little boys who fear rejection in the playground!


4. Avoid being too chic or glamorous. Dressing up and making yourself up to look like a supermodel may be reassuring and give you a needed boost in confidence. But many guys – and believe it or not this is really quite true – most guys really prefer to meet a cheerful and well-dressed woman rather than a living barbie doll. Yes, it’s true, our eyes often wander when the babie dolls of this world go walking by. But a relaxed, confident body language, a smile and witty or intelligent conversation will always be the better option. As women generally already know, one other tip would be to consider wearing something that could be a conversation-starter, like a t-shirt with something funny written on it or a faux-fur vest that a guy may ask to touch.

5. If at a bar or party, always have a glass in your hand. Don’t stand around empty-handed. If you’re holding a drink, a guy won’t feel he has to immediately buy one for you. But then later, if things are going well, ordering you a refill gives him something positive to do. And boy, do we men ever like feeling needed!

6. Do not be too coy. Guys like the chase. But if you seem too elusive, guys won’t approach. A lot of women play dating mind-games. “when he said “this”, that means he meant “that”. So I will pretend not to be interested… Let’s not forget that we men are only a few generations down the evolutionary path from being Neanderthals. So please don’t expect us to be very profound.
Many men shy away from the slightest chance of rejection. So what’s a coy move that works? Make eye contact with an object of desire, hold for three seconds, and then look away. Repeat. If he’s interested, you’ve given him a pretty clear signal that it’s safe to head your way. Once you’re talking to a guy, you don’t want to be all over him. But let him know in a more subtle manner that you’re interested for instance, by laying your hand on his arm when you make a point.

I KNOW that sounds obvious and simple. But… it’s amazing how rarely this occurs. And yet how successful these gestures can be.

7. When you think you are chatting with Mr. Right, don’t be so worried about saying the perfect thing. As long as you seem friendly, happy, well-adjusted and you resist the temptation to show him all your tattoos, your intimacy should grow. Nothing works better than asking a man for help or advice. (as above – do we men ever like feeling needed!) and this is a sure-fire conversation-starter. but PLEASE make it credible/realistic and intelligent.
If you’re in an electronics store, try “Excuse me, could you tell me the difference between LCD and plasma screen TVs?” Humour can work, too. Another good trick: playfully ask him to take a survey. An example: “I’m taking a survey for the bar. Did you have to drive more than five miles to get here?”. You could also come up with a question about yourself, like: “Do you think I should get blue contact lenses?” (however, we would recommend refraining from attempting the over-used pick up lines like “do you think that my breasts are uneven?”)

8. Be positive. Guys are turned off by negativity. I can’t overemphasize how important that is.

Your Knight in Shining Armour?

9. Really listen what he has to say. When you’re nervous, it’s easy to become overly self-conscious. You might ask a guy met plenty of questions, but be so worried about what to say next that you don’t pay close attention to his answers. Here’s a trick to help you focus: wait a few seconds after he says something and think about what he said. Then allow your next comment or question to really play off of what he’s told you.

Well. That’s enough advice for one day.

And to think that this Blog billet was written by Anibal the Lilou Plaisir Loveshop Loveguru.
Who just happens to be a single, attractive, educated and eligible male. (Who still can’t
figure out how to make toast.)

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