Rude chocolates….
Rude chocolates….

Rude chocolates….

What will they think of next……
NOT appropriate for Mother’s Day!


Sooner or later… someone had to think of this…

If you are still wondering what to get your mom on Mothers Day, you should steer clear of the Incredible Edible Anus line of chocolates from Bisous Chocolates.


Very funny, but definitely not appropriate for moms. The Incredible Edible Anus is available in Milk, Dark, White, Dark Orange, and Ground Coffee Flavors. Boxes include 12 candy anuses. Yes, hand-made luxury chocolates in the shape of an anus !!!


I hope the original mold for that wasn’t taken using a live model. All this courtesy of the English Chocolate company Bisous chocolates
Let’s face it, only the English could think of that !!!

And for those who want to gift a unique gift that will… last for a lifetime… they have even created a limited edition of the anus… this time made out of solid silver !!!

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