Sex inspectors
Sex inspectors

Sex inspectors

It’s crazy!!! There’s new kind of reality show that was first broadcast in England on channel 4 : The Sex Inspectors.

Couples share their intimacy whith sex and relationship experts Tracey Cox and Michael Alvear – including any sexual problemes or issues of sexual incompatability. All these shows are filmed directly in the homes – and the bedrooms – of the participants!

It’s also been translated into French on channel AB3.

The interesting side to it is that it can help people who have problems in bed understand that they are not the only ones who do not have a picture-perfect love life – it happens to all of us! The goal of the show is to de-mystify problems and sexual tensions within the relationship and to promote open communication within couples.

For you to you to decide if you think the show is pure information or if the nightmare of Big brother is getting closer to reality…!

Why not try out their online sex quiz??

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