Sex toy for dogs !!!
Sex toy for dogs !!!

Sex toy for dogs !!!

Why should we be the only ones to have fun ? coming soon is a very modern new toy for our dear little pets. If you have witnessed any of the things below you might want to consider this new dog sex toy

Unbelievable but true, coming soon is a sex doll for dogs!! We nearly fell of our seats when we saw this!! The advantage of course is no more embarrassing leg-humping problems when friends come round.

Many respectable pet owners are already responding positively to the idea. Maybe soon we will see more relaxed and happy pups walking the streets with their heads held high…

The company Hot doll not only doesn’t want your dog be frustrated they also care about his or her good looks by offering a large range of organic cosmetics (?!?).

This is what the amazing toy looks like :

sextoy chien

And here’s the proof that it’s effective !!!


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