Why every woman should own Geisha Balls…
Why every woman should own Geisha Balls…

Why every woman should own Geisha Balls…

And no less than one of each colour….

Geisha Balls, also known as Ben Wa Balls or Burmese Bells – or in french “boules de geisha” – are believed to have originated in China at the beginning of the 16th century.

Originally, Geisha Balls were made either of metal or ivory and were a single ball placed in the vagina. Modern day Geisha Balls are two metal or silicon balls which each contain a small weight that rolls around within the ball. The balls are inserted into the vagina like a tampon and are linked by string for easy removal. Simple movement or exercise triggers the vibrations caused by the weight inside the balls and walking or climbing stairs will create subtle sexual stimulation. So your weekly visit to the supermarket or dog walking session need not be so mundane!

Even better…Geisha Balls are recommended by gynaecologists for increasing vaginal elasticity and bladder control. The balls strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and hence improve sexual performance. Mild urinary incontinence can be treated with Geisha Balls which are also often recommended by doctors for the post natal period.

So, whether it’s for sexual or medicinal purposes it’s a fact…every woman should own a pair of Geisha Balls! If you don’t already you can purchase your very own pair right here at Lilou Plaisir. Available in a spectrum of colours, click on the link to view our range of Fun Factory’s Geisha Balls called “Smartballs“: the essential accessory!

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